What is Hack the Earth?

Themed around sustainability and the environment, Hack The Earth is a 36 hour long hackathon based in Waterloo, Ontario, where bright students invent and innovate new technology for the betterment of our planet. Environmental problems are a massive challenge to the next generation and technology has a big role to play.

Let’s Hack the Earth.

Previous Judges and Speakers

Past Sponsors

Interested in making Hack The Earth possible? For more information about sponsorships please email us at sponsorships@hacktheearth.ca.


Frequently Asked Questions

Hack The Earth is held in May. Check back with us for a specific event date at a later time.

There will be multiple dedicated 24 hour support voice/text channels in our Discord server where you can reach our support team. In addition, please feel free to send any of the organizers a direct message during the event if needed. We are happy to help!

Hack The Earth is open to all students!

You may participate in teams of 1 - 4.

If we missed your question, please reach out to us at hello@hacktheearth.ca.